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I started to work at Blackheath escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/blackheath-escorts at the same time as a Black girl called Amanda. She and I soon became very good friends and we had a great time together. We did not only work together as Blackheath escorts, but Amanda was quick to invite me into her home. It was then I met her brother and we started to date.


Up until then, I had met some other guys, but they seemed to be more interested in me working for Blackheath escorts. None of them showed an interest in me personally and I have to admit that it out me off. It was not until I met Amanda’s brother that I felt that somebody took an interest in me personally. Also, I liked the fact that he did not worry about Blackheath escorts at all. A few of the ladies in the family had worked as Blackheath escorts, so it did not worry him.


Andreas, Amanda’s brother, was always a real gent. I think that this is something a lot of guys have lost, and I was pleased to find it again. When I finished late at Blackheath escorts, he was always there ready to pick me up and make sure that I was safe. I loved it and I am sure that a lot of the other girls at Blackheath escorts were jealous of me. Here I was being picked up by this handsome Black fireman who could love to look after his girl.


Another thing about Andreas that impressed me straight away was that he loved to dance. When I first dated with Blackheath escorts, I did not have anybody to go dancing with but all of that changed when I met Andreas. Dancing has always been a major part of my life, and when I had a night off from Blackheath escorts, Andreas always took me dancing. Yes, it is nice to go out for a meal, but there is something special about going dancing with a handsome Black guy.


So, what is going on today? Well, Andreas and I have been able to pay a deposit on a flat and we have moved in together. He still works for the Blackheath Fire Service and I work for the Blackheath escorts service. We are both working hard and plan to get married. When that happens, I am going to give up Blackheath escorts and just become Mrs Andreas as I like to say. Nothing has changed within the family. We still sit down for Sunday dinner together and go to the local church where we all sing our hearts out. I love it, and there is nothing like being part of a big friendly Black family in Blackheath. Hopefully, nothing will go wrong and I do know that I have a very loyal boyfriend in Andreas.